David A. Yeats M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
Psychotherapy and Consultation Services
350 Broadway, Suite 102
Boulder Colorado 80305
(303) 335.9170
Colorado License # 989213   EIN 84-1253608 NPI 1578702254


David’s hours of operation are now Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

INTRODUCTION   David Yeats has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1986.  He co-founded the Boulder Men’s Center, and maintained a Practice in Boulder until 1999, when he moved to Hawaii for three years.   He returned to Boulder in December 2002, and resumed his Practice.    While in Hawaii he directed two programs for the YWCA: the Decision Point Alternatives to Violence Treatment Program and the Ohana Visitation Center. He has presented locally and nationally at workshops and conferences for lay persons and clinicians on a variety of clinical subjects and has taught elementary and middle school and junior college and university level courses.    David is married with five adult children.  

RANGE OF PRACTICE  David works with adults of both genders and all ages in couples therapy and individual psychotherapy. He is very comfortable  dealing with a wide variety of issues, including: relationship issues; growth issues; life stage and developmental issues; self esteem, sense of self, and identity issues; anger, anxiety; depression; parenting issues, (including divorce and blended families); attachment issues, childhood and adult trauma (including physical, sexual, emotional abuse); family violence; anger management; gender issues; sexuality issues; spirituality issues; addiction issues; and parent-teen relationship issues; among others. David’s clinical approach is broad, drawing from a wide range of clinical and developmental theories and approaches.  He is guided by a high regard for clients’ thoughts, feelings, values, experiences, history, and intuitions, and is a good listener with a fairly interactive style.  He is highly optimistic that clients can create greater clarity, peace, and joy through involvement in the process of psychotherapy. See the website for more information.

ON LINE SUPPORT  David’s website, www.DavidAYeats.com, offers a number of written posts that may be helpful to clients on a variety of subjects including self care, relationship care, communication strategies and skills, and personal development. 

FEES  The fee for a fifty minute psychotherapy session is $175, however the fee can be reduced to $160 if paid in cash at the time of service.  If you are interested in becoming involved in psychotherapy and cannot manage the fee, it may be possible to negotiate a lower fees, less frequent sessions, and payment plans. By signing below, you are acknowledging you are aware of and agree that MISSED APPOINTMENTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED ARE BILLED FOR THE AGREED ON AMOUNT OF THE SESSION.   If missing a scheduled appointment is necessary, 24 hours notice should be given.  Late cancellations are charged one half of the agreed on psychotherapy fee, but not less than $25.  

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT It is possible to pay for psychotherapy services using credit cards Attention will be paid in therapy as to whether this form of payment is a supportive option for clients, since sometimes credit cards create more problems.

INSURANCE  At this time, insurance will not be an option for most clients.  It may be possible to negotiate a fee that reduces the impact of this reality.  Clients who itemize on their taxes may claim psychotherapy as a medical expense.

CONFIDENTIALITY AND SUPERVISION    As a psychotherapy client you have a legal and moral right to privacy, with the only exceptions being those noted in the disclosure statement (see below), as mandated by law in the State of Colorado. Most clinical therapists utilize some form of supervision or consultation as a means of helping to assure high quality therapeutic services for their clients.  If supervision or consultation should occur regarding a client’s psychotherapy work, it is done anonymously so as not to reveal the client’s identity.

COMMUNICATION   The best means of communication is via voice mail, at (303) 335-9170, text messaging, or email at DAYeatsMSW@hotmail.com, but emails may not be read or responded to immediately.  Messages are confidential, and are checked regularly.  David is notified immediately of any call. Normally, calls are returned within 24 hours.  If there is no answer, please leave a message. Email may sometimes jeopardize confidentiality as well, which is a risk the client may choose to run.

TERMINATING THERAPY   Normally, ending therapy is done best when there is mutual understanding and agreement between client and therapist that ending is the best choice.  Ultimately, this decision rests with the client.  If a client is choosing to end or take a break from psychotherapy, it is requested that this be addressed directly.  Clients should expect that they can continue to utilize the services of the therapist over time, although there may be very occasional circumstances where the therapist may terminate psychotherapy, for example, in the event of non-payment for services.  

THERAPEUTIC AGREEMENT   Each client has a right to be informed about the process, form, time, cost, goals, methods, and education utilized by a therapist..  At any time, a client is encouraged and should feel free to ask about anything they may need to know related to the process of psychotherapy.  Successful therapy work depends on an ongoing open exchange between client and therapist. Very many possible questions are specifically addressed on the website.